Re: Availability of VESA modes

Junichi Saito (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 00:09:18 +0200 (CEST)

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, bryan vold wrote:

>On Tue, Jul 28, 1998 at 02:51:51PM +0200, Junichi Saito wrote:
>> This may well be a hardware issue.
>> I compiled the kernel 2.1.111 with the vesafb option enabled. I can now
>> select some graphic modes (640x480, 1024x768) at boot time.
>> My question is : How dose it come that I can't get the intermediate
>> resolution 800x600 ? All I get is a messed up screen. The machine dosen't
>> get freezed, I can blindly start X.
>> The graphic card used is S3 VIRGE/DX 4Mb. The monitor is an old SVGA. I
>> can get all the three resolutoins mentioned above under XFree86.
>> junichi
>What are you using for mode numbers? When I try the ones from the screen,
>things get messed up. Try the VESA numbers, starting with 0301 (640x480),
>0303 (800x600), 0305 (1024x768), 0307 (1280x1024). I have an S3 Virge also
>(only 2Mb though). These modes work fine. 0309 screws up the display (says
>something on boot about VGA+ 132x25. It says it is only using 32k, don't know
>if that is significant.
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[I write you privately not to bother purists.]

That is what I did : 0301, 0303, 0305, but 0303 didn't work. I
also tried some other possible mode numbers : 0310, 0311, 0312, 0313,
0314, 0315, 0316, 0317, 0318, 0307, 0319 : they worked except for those of
800x600 : 0313,0314,0315. Using SVGATextMode, I can't obtain 100x37, that
of VESA 800x600 neihter. (Nor under Windows I can get 800x600,



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