Re: Corruption Stats: Suggested Blacklist from the data

Alex P. Madarasz, Jr. (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 18:21:08 -0400

> I'd say the starting blacklist should be
> ...
> FUJITSU M1638TAU (2 times)


I'm [re-]building a couple of Linux boxes with Fujitsu M1636TAU drives
(same family, 1.2GB rather than 2.5GB), though they're currently on old
486/DX266 and P24T mobos being driven by Promise EIDE Pro and 2300+

Any more details other than just model number?

( I'd sure like to be able to run them until as hard as possible I get a
chance to upgrade the motherboards out from under them! )

Alex P. Madarasz, Jr.  --

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