Re: Corruption Stats: Suggested Blacklist from the data

Andrej Presern (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 01:59:26 +0200

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
>> > WD has a non-announced bug with UDMA support on certain models,
>> > which I just found out about from reading some "semi-secret"
>> > material sent to me from a vendor of IDE-interface boards.
>The first thing both WDC and Quantum told me when poking about these reports
>was 'if you have 75/83Mhz set check your motherboard PCI bus is set to 33MHz
>Quantum Fireball ST (2 times, both with other drives) on the cable also
>And folks: please send me more reports about corruptions, even SCSI ones

Does a bunch of "Deleted inode x has zero dtime" at fsck time count as fs
corruption? I get these regularly when I force a fsck on an otherwise 'clean'
fs. It so happens that I have a Quantum Fireball in the box and now that
you've mentioned it I remembered the fsck complaints...

And now that I started thinking about it, I also remembered that tar sometimes
fails to unpack otherwise good gzipped tarballs (if I repeat the command,
everything is (usually) swell). I was blaming tar/gzip for this but now I'm not
so sure anymore (especially since I replaced both files and the problem still

2.0.35 UP (Cyrix P166), IDE here..


Andrej Presern,

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