Boot Logo - politically correct

Trever Adams (
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:57:14 -0500

Ok, I must add my bit now. I have been working (unofficially) with
several IT directors and similar positions in a few companies. One is
quite a large one (read international). They are sick of MS and the
chunt that ensues when it comes around. I do not believe they would run
linux if it had beer in the logo. This again, is not religious, or
political, its just a fact. I doubt they would run vesafb on many
computers, if at all.

The good news is, if the logo doesn't have beer, at least one company is
starting a pilot program to see if Linux (and a few specific pieces of
software that run on it... mainly office suite etc) will fit the bill.
If it does, you have one large company replacing almost/if not all
everything NT with Linux.

Bad news is... well read the above, that beer logo is a killer.

Trever Adams

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