Re: Corruption Stats: Suggested Blacklist from the data

Linus Torvalds (
30 Jul 1998 06:20:38 GMT

In article <98073002260500.00589@soda>,
Andrej Presern <> wrote:
>Does a bunch of "Deleted inode x has zero dtime" at fsck time count as fs
>corruption? I get these regularly when I force a fsck on an otherwise 'clean'
>fs. It so happens that I have a Quantum Fireball in the box and now that
>you've mentioned it I remembered the fsck complaints...

No, the "zero dtime" is a thing that just essentially means that a
deleted inode was never actually written out to disk after being
deleted, and it's fairly normal.

>And now that I started thinking about it, I also remembered that tar sometimes
>fails to unpack otherwise good gzipped tarballs (if I repeat the command,
>everything is (usually) swell). I was blaming tar/gzip for this but now I'm not
>so sure anymore (especially since I replaced both files and the problem still

But the above does sound very strange indeed. It's not necessarily the
disk, it could be memory or something else (the fact that it succeeds
the second time in fact implies that the image on the disk is fine, and
that the potential corruption happened somewhere else).


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