Re: Corruption Stats (fwd)

Linus Torvalds (
30 Jul 1998 06:33:17 GMT

In article <>,
Trever Adams <> wrote:
>I do not wish to make this flame bash any hotter. But, I believe the
>blacklist, on most hard drives, should only disable the DMA mode. It
>should still allow reenabling it, with some kind of error. Maybe "What
>kind of moron are you?!? DMA with this drive/controller is not safe!"

Agreed. I hate "baby-sitting" systems myself - I only want to default to
something safe, and if somebody wants to live dangerously he should
certainly be able to do so.

One reason to override it may be that we cannot completely reliably
determine when a drive is unreliable and when it isn't - so the drive
should be blacklisted "just in case", but a user should certainly be
able to tell the kernel that his disk is safe to use with DMA if he
wants to.

I don't like programs that think they are more intelligent than their
users, and that is true of Linux itself too. The user should always be
able to override safety checks like these - it's just that if the user
doesn't know we should be careful with our defaults.


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