Re: Future domain TMC-950 troubles

Craig Schlenter (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 10:26:36 +0200 (SAST)

On Wed, 29 Jul 1998, Pavel Machek wrote:

> Hi!
> Is there maintainer for drivers/scsi/seagate.c?
> Driver seems to me pretty broken to me - there was timeout loop which
> was waiting for jiffie change - unfortunately it is executed with
> interrupts disabled :-).
> My problem is that I have card I do not trust and I do not know if I
> have hw problem or sw problem :-(.

There is definitely a software problem in the later kernels.

Somewhere between 2.1.99 and 2.1.104 the interrupt stuff was reworked and
I think a couple of sti/cli things were tuned in seagate.c too. I have a
jazz16 card which has a TMC850 (I think) scsi chip on it and it hangs on
boot since then, unable to detect the cdrom. I haven't tried to track it
down further unfortunately due to lack of time but it would be nice if it
could be fixed in time for 2.2. I haven't tried anything above .104 on the
machine btw.

Even 2.1.99 does not work without tuning ... there are some defines to
slow down the scsi transfers and swap a couple of bits which I had to tune
to get it to work. You might want to try 2.1.99 and tune those options to
see if your card is OK. Win 95 recognises my card happily btw. so you
could try testing it in a windoze machine.

If you think of any exciting patches to seagate.c, please post them here
or drop me a mail to test them out.

Thank you.



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