Re: 2.1.112 halts during boot

Terry L Ridder (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 10:51:31 -0500

Mike Black wrote:
> Have been happily upgrading each release and finally 2.1.112 locks up during
> boot right after "registering raid0 personality". I haven't changed
> anything in my config in quite a while so this is the first boot problems
> I've had since the 90 series...Once the "raid 0" message appears I can do a
> ctrl-alt-del to reboot. This happend on two different machines (identical
> hardware except for SCSI devices).

<major snip>

I was having the same problem last night and found that by turning SMP
and rebuilding the kernel I was able to boot.

Edited your Makefile and comment out SMP = 1.
make dep; make clean
make bzlilo

This worked for me, of course your mileage may vary. ;-)

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