Alpha Linux NFS to SGI with 2.0.34

Daryll Strauss (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 15:03:08 -0700

Back on June 5th I reported a problem with some large directories that
repeatedly returned the same directory entry when we did an ls over
NFS on a directory with a lot of frames.

I've got another problem to add to that list. If I list some directories
I find that the list returned in missing some files. I've got a
directory with 350 files in it. They are all of the form:
Where XXXX is really a number. (These are a sequence of image files)

So, if I look at this directory from my SGI, I see three ranges for XXXX:
159-287 430-462 713-900
which makes up 350 frames.

If I look at this from my Linux system I see:

159-207 209-217 219-227 229-237 239-287 430-462 713-748 750-758 760-778
780-828 830-848 850-858 860-900

Some other interesting data points. This happens fairly frequently. I
can find a lot of directories that exhibit this behavior. This only
seems to happen with our SGI file servers. We also have some NT boxes
running an NFS server and some network appliance toasters for which this
problem doesn't occur.

If anyone needs/wants further information or tests I'm perfectly happy
to do that. I can provide traffic dumps, test new code, whatever.

- |Daryll

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