Re: Corruption Stats: Suggested Blacklist from the data

Mark Lord (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 18:57:22 -0400

Joseph Malicki wrote:
> Maxtor DiamondMax 6.4GB (cant remember model #'s), which I'm
> sure are fine drives.... could this be related to not flushing the IDE drive's
> cache? I noticed NT 4.0 had a hotfix to enable flushing of write-cache,
> so I am under the impression that it is possible.... and yes, my machine
> does automatically turn off. But I have experienced no other fs
> corruption except for locked kernels that I had to reset...

Write-caching should be OFF on IDE drives by default.
The ATA specs allow any default, but nearly all units
seem to have it OFF by default.

You can use "hdparm -W" to play with it, though.

The (ex-)Linux IDE guy

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