Files >2G in size & Increasing SCSI disk drive limit.

Terry L Ridder (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 21:11:54 -0500

Hello All;

These two quesitons tend to be coupled particularly in two areas:

Databases & Computer Graphics Arts.

It will bite us in a relatively short period of time.

A client just today asked about when they will be able to move
a database of roughly 500GB (yes a half of terabyte) from HP-UX
to Linux.

RAID may be a temporary solution, but even some of their databases
which use "cooked" files as opposed to "raw" disk partitions are larger
than 2GB.

There is also the case of Computer Graphics Arts. Animations
3D animations can easily break the 2GB file limit.

I have already heard about a patch to the vger CVS tree by Jakub;

<Begin Quote>
It increased the size of dev_t to handle more discs,
which required new syscalls, which then required new (patched)
applications (like fdisk(8) and mount(8) IIRC).
<End Quote>

and the dev_fs project.

I am curious to here of other ideas, proposals, etc.

I figure we have roughly three months to design and code these
and three months of testing. That would give us a release date roughly
coinciding with when Oracle & Informix are scheduling their releases.

Christoph Lameter wrote:
> It seems we need some way of handling files >2G. Could someone hack the
> kernel to do so?
> Even if it is not incorporated into the standard kernel: People with
> extreme performance demands need it. Pushing it off till 2.3 means it wont
> be available in this millenium I guess.

Terry L. Ridder writes:
> Hello;
> Since Informix & Oracle have joined the Linux Community
> with their recent press releases it will be a matter of time
> before the current limit of 16 SCSI hard drives poses a problem.
> Are there an plans to increase the limit to even 32 in the near
> future?
> Is this type of enhancement scheduled for Linux-2.3?

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