re: sound blaster using DMA 0

Brian K. White (
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 22:31:03 -0400

> Subject: re: sound blaster using DMA 0
> > Since no one mentioned yet...Is it a full duplex card?
> >
> > --
> >
> A full duplex midi card?
> I don't think those exist or are usefull.
> It was a bug in the source, hopefully fixed by Mike now.
> Yeep

pardon me, but, what a retarded notion! please... retarded I may
indeed be, but I certainly didn't prove it by thinking there was
a midi card out there needing two or more dma's to itself! :)

there are several cheapy as well as quality sound cards out
now that have full duplex pcm capability. They can adc and dac
at the same time and usually are defaulted to use both dma 0
and dma 1 . I can't remember if the last one I set-up had a third
dma for "dma16" or not, but it seems entirely possible.

btw, no I don't just mean like any sound card can do, which is
record pcm and the mixer can monitor the input thus seemingly
"playing" while recording.

In any event, I though the midi (if you really do want midi at the
15 pin plug) used irq 2/9 and the fm-synth (what is usually also
"called" midi, since most don't actually have a use for midi at
the plug, but they play midi files with the internal fm-synth chip)
used no irq at all and the address for historical adlib.



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