Re: Increasing limit on SCSI hard drives

Allanah Myles (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 01:18:39 -0400

On 1998.07.30, Jauder Ho <> wrote:
> get them some 18gb drives :) we had a machine here that had
> something like 60+gb running on linux software RAID for a while. It worked
> well till the server crashed every so often. then it would spend half the
> day fscking. so we are moving to a couple of PMD raids but for your home
> machine, a couple of 18 giggers should be more than enough :) 18 * 16 =
> 288GB that's a hefty amount of space.

Speaking of spending the day fscking your disks - has anyone considered
developing jfs or any journaling fs for Linux (to avoid just this
massive fscking issue)? I haven't read up on what reiserfs promises
or is supposed to deliver, but I haven't heard much hoo-hah on the
linux-kernel list with regards to any journaling fs support.


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