RE: Increasing limit on SCSI hard drives

Al Brass (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 00:11:58 -0700

Dear Allanah,

Yes, I think a journaling file system for Linux would be a VERY good idea -
personally, I'm fed up of having a disk check (fsck) every time I get a crash
(ie, when I haven't shutdown cleanly - that's me, Mr dirty shutdown, always
locking up in X, and who knows what... You just CAN'T get the staff these days).

Seriously... IMHO, Linux has alot to learn from NT in this respect. Hopefully,
someone, somewhere (in Summer time...) will have the time and where-with-all to develop something similar to NTFS for Linux.

Until then, I'll wait for Leonard's driver for the Mylex RAID cards (and where's
the romance in that, I ask you?).

Happy Hacking. Al.

P.S. Your personal web site is unusual to me - is it customary to be so forth-
right on-line where you exist? Perhaps so, but your mentioning the VIC-20
brought back memories.... Plus ca change, plus la meme, non?

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On 1998.07.30, Jauder Ho <> wrote:
> get them some 18gb drives :) we had a machine here that had
> something like 60+gb running on linux software RAID for a while. It worked
> well till the server crashed every so often. then it would spend half the
> day fscking. so we are moving to a couple of PMD raids but for your home
> machine, a couple of 18 giggers should be more than enough :) 18 * 16 =
> 288GB that's a hefty amount of space.

Speaking of spending the day fscking your disks - has anyone considered
developing jfs or any journaling fs for Linux (to avoid just this
massive fscking issue)? I haven't read up on what reiserfs promises
or is supposed to deliver, but I haven't heard much hoo-hah on the
linux-kernel list with regards to any journaling fs support.


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