Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Diatribes & Unreasonableness

Marnix Coppens (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 09:44:37 +0200

At 10:57 31/07/98 +1000, you wrote:
>aside from the fact that so much space, bandwidth and time has been
>utterly wasted by the inane messages regarding the linux boot logo, i am
>sick of reading multi-page shouted arguments that end with "DO NOT POST
>REPLIES TO THIS MESSAGE TO THE LIST!". it is incredibly naive and selfish
>to expect to be allowed a free-range soapbox, and then to insist that
>no-one reply publically. if you were really concerned at all about wasting
>our time, you would not have posted in the first place. please, leave
>linux-kernel alone, but if you can't, at least have the maturity to expect
>responses to your position.

We all remember the GGI "discussion" on this list a few months ago, and
now that we have started to include at least *some* graphics support in the
kernel, I fear that the signal/noise ratio in this list is bound to
increase (even) more.

Graphics is one of those subjects where everyone will try to say at
least something about it (I'm guilty of that too, but I _try_ to make
amends like Alex Buell did recently, reminds me of the ObHack tradition).

Expect more mails from Anonymous Doodz, Kewl H4ckaz and Teenage Turtles
on the graphics subject ("I have this kool animated gif, if Netscrape
can do it, Linux should also be able to display it").

Perhaps there should be a separate mailing list for this sort of thing.
No, this is not your average "I care not for XXX, so I don't want
to see any mails about it on this list" attitude.
There's no way you can compare SCSI or networking problems to graphics.
When a mail comes in about the former two subjects, chances are extremely
high it's an oops report or something very technical and relevant to
the kernel. When a graphics related mail comes in that is not a bug
report or a patch by Geert or Martin and others I forgot (sorry people),
better start sighing. I realize graphics is no technically simple matter,
it's the sort of mails we can come to expect I worry about.

We should all strive to make this mailing list become boringly technical,
instead of technically boring.

Thank you for your attention, back to work now...

Marnix Coppens

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