Re: Hauppauge Win/TV PCI

Steffen Grunewald (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:41:46 +0200 (MET DST)

Erik Andersen wrote:
|> Ignore the model number. Hauppauge randomly changes chips and leaves
|> the model number the same. To uniquely identify a Hauppague card, you
|> have to pull the thing out and read off the chip names (stuff like bt848
|> and msp3430G).

OK, did that. Unfortunately I've got no scanner or copier at home, so I
had to write down all the numbers. Here they are :

BF7277.3 9810


60114 Rev.C2VM
(below label: PHILIPS)

35.46895 MHz (near Bt chip)
MMD A18AA1 18.432 MHz (next to ITT chip)

Silkscreen ID: FCC ID: H90EUROCAST

No, there's no VT decoder chip visible. Some soldering positions are empty.
The card claims to be a WinCast/PCI, sold in Germany as Win/TV pci...

I tried to follow the German Linux Magazin article on bttv (nice and
readable, but a bit outdated I guess :( )

I tried bttv 0.5.6, without success :(
Found out that I have to load i2c and video* modules before bttv
as well as tuner and msp3400... why don't all modules use the debug=
parameter ? I patched bttv.c to #define DEBUG(x) (x), so at least
I got some error messages.
I loaded tuner with type=5, but got (typed from messages listing)
tuner: type is 5 (Philips PAL)
tuner: type set to 6 (Temic NTSC)

Looks like an off-by one error to me ?

bttv also produces strange results:
bttv: audio chip: TDA9850
bttv: audio chip: TDA8425
(yes, both are detected !!!)
bttv: model: MIRO
(I compiled with CARD=2 for Hauppauge !)

The i2c module round robins among the tuner addresses as well:
I see 0xc0 0xc2 0xc8 for different insmod's (followed by rmmod of course).

My graphics card is a ATI Rage IIC (chipid 4755).

Any clues ?


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