RE: Increasing limit on SCSI hard drives

Etienne Lorrain (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 11:15:05 +0001

Al Brass <> wrote:
> Yes, I think a journaling file system for Linux would be a VERY good idea -
> personally, I'm fed up of having a disk check (fsck) every time I get a crash
> (ie, when I haven't shutdown cleanly - that's me, Mr dirty shutdown, always
> locking up in X, and who knows what... You just CAN'T get the staff these days).
> Seriously... IMHO, Linux has alot to learn from NT in this respect. Hopefully,
> someone, somewhere (in Summer time...) will have the time and where-with-all
> to develop something similar to NTFS for Linux.


Maybe you should try to mount more disks/partitions as read-only
to reduce the number/time of fsck... normally "/usr" can be read
only, so the partitions which are often fsck'ed are quite small.

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