Signature files are spam (was RE: Can someone disable this person's Linux-kernel access?)

Al Brass (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 06:58:24 -0700

A couple of you (below) didn't like my comment on spam.
Why did I send it to the list? Because many who contribute
have large and irrelevant signature files, which detract
from the content of messages, and which I consider to be
spam. Hopefully, these people will consider reducing their
signatures by using links.

Sorry for citing the whole mess, it was unnecessary.



In message <>, Al Brass wrote:
} Yeah, and when I want to read a few hundred bytes of YOUR
} signature file, I'll ask, thanks. Spamming is as spamming
} does.

Your reply should have been private, and you didn't really need to
quote the entire message, in any case.



why don't you communicate in private mail?
Why do you cite the whole mess?


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