Re: More no-console weirdness: /etc/mtab is corrupted

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
31 Jul 1998 16:12:51 GMT

In article <>,
Steve Snyder <> wrote:
>Here's some more config-without-console wierdness.
>Here is the current problem: without a console, /etc/mtab is filled with
>boot-time status messages. Specifically:

You're lucky. I screwed up today with something else, while working on
sysvinit. I only opened stdin for spawned processes, not stdout and stderr.
Result: after a few reboots, several partitions, including the root
partition, toast. Something in the boot processes opens partitions
O_RDWR, that open returns fileno#1 (because stdout is closed), and then
the next printf() f**ks up the partition!

I suspect mount or fsck. It might be mount .. esp. since you also complain
about /etc/mtab, which is maintained by mount.

Andries - are you reading this?


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