Re: Select/non blocking read problems in 2.1

David S. Miller (
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 10:32:03 -0700

From: Ben Pfaff <>
Date: 31 Jul 1998 13:29:21 -0400

When running Gnus under Emacs, sometimes if the PPP connection drops
and I tell it to check for new mail/news it will go into an endless
loop and Control-g will fail to kill it. I don't remember this
happening in 2.0.34.

fetchmail's daemon mode sometimes quits working and I have to stop it
with fetchmail -q and restart it with fetchmail -d. This didn't
happen under 2.0.34 either.

please strace such processes when they are in this stuck state so we
can see if the behavior of endless -EAGAIN read/write system calls
matches up with Andi's observations

without this, all we can say is "your programs get stuck, thats nice,
too bad we have none of the clues needed to figure out why"

David S. Miller

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