devfs patch v48 available

Richard Gooch (Richard.Gooch@atnf.CSIRO.AU)
Sat, 1 Aug 1998 11:38:40 +1000

Hi, all. Version 48 of my devfs patch is now available from:
The devfs FAQ is also available here.

NOTE: if you use kmod then you should also grab the kmod signal
blocking patch by Greg Zornetzer, otherwise you may get the kmod:
waitpid messages (which is often not a problem with devfs (since many
module requests are dummy requests) but still annoying, and leaves
zombie modprobe processes).

This is against 2.1.112-pre2. Highlights of this release:

- Added "dimknod" option

- Set inode nlink to 0 when freeing dentries

- Added support for virtual console capture devices (/dev/vcs*)
Thanks to Smilax Rotundifolia <>

- Fixed modes for manually recreated symlinks



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