Re: IDEA: Process-Special files

Pavel Machek (
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 16:35:08 +0200


> This is a file that, when open()ed for read (O_RDONLY, O_RDWR, etc) would
> be executed as a binary or script, and the output would be substituted for
> the file.
> For example: apache open()s a .htaccess file (set like this) which is a
> script: grep ^ww /etc/passwd #(simple, i know). When apache open()s it,
> it does not see that one line, but instead sees the results of that line
> executing. Granted, this would not be the FASTEST process in the world,
> but perhaps some sort of dependancy/cache system could help there.

> Has anyone ever thought about something like this? Does it sound like
> something that would be worthwhile?

Someone did this with userfs, and it is certailny possible with
podfuk. See

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