International kernel patch v2.1.130.1

Alexander Kjeldaas (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 23:27:27 +0100

International kernel patch 2.1.130 is available. The idea of the
patch is to collect all crypto patches so that using crypto in the
kernel will be easier than today.

The patch is available from:

The new feature of this release is a general loop module for crypto.
Instead of having one loop-module for each cipher, the general loop
module sits on top of the crypto api and doesn't itself contain any

In other news, there is a general cbc-mode for the ciphers in the
crypto-library and the loop-drivers are updated to use the new and
better interface introduced in 2.1.130. Currently only the general
loop module initializes the IV with the disk block-number.

Another change is that I'm releasing the current code in the
**crypto-library** [this means stuff in the crypto/ directory] under
an X11-like license [basically cat X11-license | sed 's/Open
Group/various authors/']. If anyone have comments about this, please
speak up. If people want to contribute ciphers that are GPLed -
that's ok.

The following has changed since the last announcement (

1998-11-30 Alexander Kjeldaas <>

* International kernel patch released.

* loop-devices other than loop_gen updated to use new interface.
However, the block-number isn't used for anything yet.

* loop_gen.c: Now we use the ciphers in cbc-mode only. Also, the
IV of the cipher is initialized based on block-number.

* Added general cbc-mode that is simply #included into the
ciphers. cbc-mode thus added to serpent, mars, rc6 and dfc.

* Added ivsize to struct cipher_implementation.

* Added for_each_cipher function

* Added X11-like license for the crypto-directory. The code might
be useable for other projects as well in the future. [And GPL is
arguable the wrong license for crypto].

1998-11-25 Alexander Kjeldaas <>

* International kernel patch released.

* The crypto api is useable from modules.

* Fixed a bunch of bugs in loop_gen. I think the oopses are gone.

On the ftp-site, the directory /pub/linux/kernel is a normal
kernel-mirror while /pub/linux/kerneli is a kernel-mirror plus the
international kernel patch. You should find all utilities needed for
using crypto in the kernel in /pub/linux/kerneli/net-source/.



 Alexander Kjeldaas, Guardian Networks AS, Trondheim, Norway

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