Re: Limit of 64 Mounted Filesystems

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30 Nov 1998 22:57:01 GMT

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By author: Richard Kaszeta <>
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> >
> >You can change your NR_SUPER in include/linux/fs.h .... I upped it to 256
> >and am running without problems with a 2.0.36 kernel
> I made this change (to 512, since I have that many mount points), and
> it worked for a while, but now I am getting mount failures and the
> message
> Nov 30 11:30:00 weber kernel: VFS: Sorry, out of unnamed devices
> Nov 30 11:30:59 weber last message repeated 28 times
> Nov 30 11:31:45 weber last message repeated 40 times
> Any ideas?

This happens when you have more than 255 nodev mounts (nfs, smbfs,
autofs etc... anything marked "nodev" in /proc/filesystems). This is
because they are getting assigned temporary device numbers on major
number 0 (but never 0,0 since that's the not-a-device number.) This
will be fixed in 2.3 when we get a larger dev_t.


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