Soundblaster 64 PCI (ALDI PC) with Linux-2.1.128

Michael Mess (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 10:10:53 +0100

I successfully got sound out of the Soundblaster 64 PCI with the
es1371-driver. The es1370 didn't work properly on that machine.
The es1371-driver had some errors so it didn't compile, so I made some
modifications so that it compiled well.
The machine was bought from ALDI, a grocer in Germany who sometimes
sells some computers which are sold out within few hours.
It has got an Intel mainboard (Pentium II, 350 MHz) with a 8 MB RIVA AGP
graphics board and a Soundblaster 64 PCI onboard.

diff newfile oldfile
<michael@michael>:~>diff es1371.c
< static const struct initvols {

> static const struct initvol {
< } /*  initvols __initdata[] = 
<     struct initvols */ initvol[] = {
> } initvol[] __initdata = {

Greetings, Michael

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