Re: Sound Oops (2.1.130, PAS16, SB mode)

Thomas Molina (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 22:36:44 -0600 (EST)

I hate you. When someone says, "When I do this, then this other thing
happens." I get an almost irresistable urge to try it. Doing:
cat > /dev/audio1
results in an oops, but no error message such as the one you mention
below. Then it was time for the BRS. One difference, however, was that
I did hear the audio. It looped until I rebooted. I'll try your patch
later to see what effect it has. I have to leave for work at the

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Paul Gortmaker

> Sound dies a horrible death when trying to use the /dev/audio1 provided by
> the 8 bit soundblaster emulation of the PAS16. IF you feed it a big enough
> file it will explode with a divide error & kill the IRQ handler. Giving
> it a smaller file results in lots of:
> Sound: Error. Audio interrupt (0) after freeing buffers.
> (I counted 16 of these per SB interrupt, and still no audible output)
> In v2.0 I can send a .au file to dev/audio0 (PAS16) and /dev/audio1 (8 bit
> SB provided by the PAS16) and hear them both at the same time.

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