Re: SMP scalability: 8 -> 32 CPUs

Craig I. Hagan (
01 Dec 1998 04:46:25 -0500

Erik Walthinsen <> writes:

> Someone was prepared to donate an old 32-proc Sequent machine (S81: 386/20
> procs, maybe 256MB RAM, couple SCSI channels and disks) to Alan Cox a

better find out how many cpu's still work. Several years ago
i used an 8cpu one with mach and a 24 with dynix (ewww). they both rapidly ran
out of viable processor boards -- and this was several
years ago. I could see if these suckers are still @ umass
and if they still boot :)

> while ago (6mo?) but he was unable to find anywhere to put it (7ft x 3ft x
> 4ft, needs 3-phase, heats your house, etc.) at the time. Perhaps if

you forgot to mention that was the cpu cabinet. you still
need to pile-o-fujutsu eagle drives. i think that the FSF is
looking for a few pack-mules to cart some away from their
offices ;)

> A good starting place would be Mach, which was ported to that exact
> machine a while ago by a professor I work with. I think all the hardware
> needed for this large machine is supported by the Mach port, which is
> still available somewhere...

it worked well enough for me to hack with it and watch
it slowly ooze through n-way compiles (my box was a herd of low end 386's).

can you still sup mach for those things?

-- craig

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