Re: More data on ide-cd "playing music" death

Yves Rougy (
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 09:46:53 +0100

> "Andre M. Hedrick" wrote:
> > I can/have reproduce the report and was about to bug you also.
> > A little more datails........there are only problems if the drive tries to
> > run in UDMA mode period........this may also react the same way if DMA is
> > enabled regardless of mode...........
> Alright, I hadn't noticed this.

I've had the same problem on an ide disk (hdb: Lost interrupt) with 129.
I thought it was my hdd very close to death, but after reading your bugs
report, it can be a bug. The drive is not an UDMA one, but it happens
when the disk was on load for a while. I have de-activated the DMA mode
in order to wait before buying a new disk, and it had not happened
again. I will try to re-activate it and make some tests.

Yves Rougy

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