Re: Problems with to large of a kernel

Dale E. Martin (
01 Dec 1998 08:00:05 -0500

"Timm Gleason" <> writes:

> Having spent more than four days trying to compile this new kernel (on top
> of more than 3 years of compiling kernels from the 2.0.xx tree), I have
> tried making a bzImage and read all of the docs that come with the source, I
> posted to this list as a last resort for an answer. However, in order to
> create a installation floppy to use to create more systems, a bzImage will
> not boot itself off of a floppy. Already tried it, doesn't work.

Weird. That's exactly how I boot the machine I'm writing this on.
(bzImage off of floppy.)

Good luck!


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