Re: Spinning down disks [was: IDE freeze for seconds]

Rik van Riel (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 12:04:14 +0100 (CET)

On Tue, 1 Dec 1998, Roeland Th. Jansen wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 30, 1998 at 02:07:50PM +0000, Jamie Lokier wrote:
> > On Sun, Nov 29, 1998 at 11:57:27PM +0000, Roeland Th. Jansen wrote:
> > > the best thing is to disable spindown, especially if you like to keep
> > > your disks a bit longer....
> >
> > Is this really true? I keep wondering wether spinning them down for
> > most of the day or keeping them running all day is better for them.
> > I've never found anything definite either way, just folklore.
> the currents that are involved are much hiher when starting, than
> running. also, the bearings are getting 'kicked' each time you
> start the disk.
> the only (maybe valid) reason you can think of, is to conserve power
> on a laptop.

Another reason is that the machine is located in your bedroom
and you want a quiet night sleep. Heat inside your casing can
also be a concern (when you use an old 30Watt disk because you
don't have the money to renew all your disks).

There are quite a number of reasons why people want to spin
down their disks...


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