Re: SMP scalability: 8 -> 32 CPUs

Erik Walthinsen (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 10:38:43 -0800 (PST)

On 1 Dec 1998, Craig I. Hagan wrote:

> better find out how many cpu's still work. Several years ago i used an
> 8cpu one with mach and a 24 with dynix (ewww). they both rapidly ran out
> of viable processor boards -- and this was several years ago. I could
> see if these suckers are still @ umass and if they still boot :)
We had a large collection of hardware in high school a few years ago, and
I don't think we every had a board failure. Disk failure sure (300MB
SCSI's) but no boards.

> you forgot to mention that was the cpu cabinet. you still need to
> pile-o-fujutsu eagle drives. i think that the FSF is looking for a few
> pack-mules to cart some away from their offices ;)
Yeah, gotta love the 120 lbs. drive trays. My friend put one on *top* of
an S81 cabinet by himself once, I stuck to just carrying one around from
table to table. In the case of the system offered to Alan, I think it's
most likely limited to a few SCSI disks next to the main cage.

> it worked well enough for me to hack with it and watch it slowly ooze
> through n-way compiles (my box was a herd of low end 386's).
Cool. 32 386/16's are as fast as, um, er, hrm. A slow PII. Ick. ;-)

> can you still sup mach for those things?
I got a copy of it 3 or 4 years ago, never had the time or energy to boot
it (or a spare machine at that time). I wouldn't have the sligtest clue
where to look, but it's out there somewhere. If all else fails, I work
with one of the guys that did the port, so he might have a bead on where
to get it.


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