NFS in 2.1.130

Nomad the Wanderer (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 13:01:21 -0700

I have a Laptop runnging 2.1.130 with modutils .85 and latest pcmcia

I have mounted a NFS filesystem off of a Solaris 2.6 Server. While
copying a few files of about 10Megs each to the server I get 2 error
messages to my console:

nfs: server <server> OK
Note, I never got a message that I'm loosing the server.

nfs: task XXX can't get a request slot.
XXX appears to be a PID which changes. This appears to be new to 2.1.130
as I haven't seen it previously (I skipped 2.1.129).

If I can provide more details or tests, please let me know.

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