NTP accuracy?

Larry McVoy (lm@bitmover.com)
Tue, 01 Dec 1998 13:05:41 -0800

hi folks,
excuse the ignorance of this question, but suppose you had 1,250
systems hooked up to a networking fabric with 10usec end-end propogation
times, but the times can vary depending upon contention. What I want to
know is this: how accurately can NTP sync the clocks across all those
machines? I know it may be asking for too much, but is it possible to
get 1usec accuracy? If it makes it any easier, this is a controlled
environment, so it is possible to have a tree structure in the nodes
such that the times fanout very quickly to all nodes.

If it can't be done with NTP, anyone have any suggestions on how to do this
with a software solution?


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