Re: High UID support for Linux

david parsons (o.r.c@p.e.l.l.p.o.r.t.l.a.n.d.o.r.u.s)
1 Dec 1998 14:22:06 -0800

In article <>,
David Luyer <> wrote:
>I missed the start of this thread, but... glibc already uses 4-byte UIDs.
>This is a trauma my passwd gdbms and various hash functions have already gone
>through, to widen the field width, even though the extra 2 bytes can't be
>used yet. People who want libc5 can stick with old kernels too

I Don't Think So.

david parsons \bi/ In case you haven't noticed, the hardware vendors keep
\/ changing the hardware out from under me, and the clocks
will fail in only about 40 years.

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