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Michael H. Warfield (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 19:21:46 -0500 (EST)

Mark Lord enscribed thusly:
> Khimenko Victor wrote:
> >
> > 30-Nov-98 23:18 you wrote:
> > > Does anyone know of an update (to anything)
> > > to allow use of smbfs with 2.1.130 ??

> > Read changes sometimes and update samba as suggested FROM SOURCES. There are
> > required smbmount ...

> smbmount does not recompile from sources against 2.1.130.
> It gives zillions of errors (try it!).

Let me guess, a glibc system (RedHat 5.x or equivalent) and you
tried to compile the smbmount stuff from the 1.9.18 sources?

The smbmount stuff in the 1.9.18 sources will only compile on the
libc systems and I'm not going back to fix it. Since the Samba Team is
not going to release another patch level for 1.9.x, there would be little
point. The smbmount code from the 2.0 sources should compile clean on
glibc systems. I've heard some rumbles that this is not true on Alpha
systems, but I haven't checked it out as yet.

One note... I thought I had fixed a timing problem in 2.0 earlier
but the wrong patch had gotten committed. Consequently, smbmount from
2.0.0beta1 and 2.0.0beta2 both still have the timing problem where smbmount
exits before the mount is completely established. That is fixed in the
current CVS tree. Consult the CVS information on the Samba web sites
<> on how to get the sources from the CVS repository.

If you are going to use this with autofs you are going to run into
additional problems due to command line syntax changes. I have a shell
script available <> until I have
the time to work out a reasonable compromise in the sources for the syntax
issues. Suggestions there are welcome...

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