Re: unkown PCI device

david parsons (o.r.c@p.e.l.l.p.o.r.t.l.a.n.d.o.r.u.s)
1 Dec 1998 14:19:57 -0800

Okay, I'm on drugs...

In article <linux.kernel.73t27u$>,
david parsons <o.r.c@p.e.l.l.p.o.r.t.l.a.n.d.o.r.u.s> wrote:

> if the commercial servers require the actual text) and just have
> the Unknown vendor Unknown device, the commercial servers will
> be able to pick up the vendor and card ids

Forget I ever said this; I didn't bother to check to see if
known devices would spit out vendor and card ids, but just
took the long chain of "Huh!? I dunno?" messages that my
little hp portable spat at me on faith.

david parsons \bi/ I can tell it's going to be one of THOSE winters.

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