RE: SANE and Kernels 2.1.127-130

Jon Burchmore (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 14:39:07 -0800

> run), or 2.1.127 which broke SANE. If I do a preview, the scanner locks
> up about halfway down the page, and also locks the application. Under
> kernel 2.1.129 I actually had a system lock up after attempting to
> access the scanner again.

FYI, I too have experienced this. My configuration is similar to yours:

2.1.129 (UP)
Adaptec 2940UW
ID 0 - Iomega ZIP 100
ID 1 - UMAX Astra 610S

AMD K6-300/128MB RAM, 2 IDE HDs

> I have tried this using all the above kernel versions, and with SANE
> 0.74 and the recently released SANE 1.0. I don't know what is causing
> the problem, and the system logs do not indicate a problem. I suspect
> the problem may lie in the SCSI generic code in the kernel, or in the
> ever-changing Adaptec aic7xxx driver.

I experienced the problem with SANE 1.0. I was previously using SANE
(I do not recall the version) under 2.1.126 without problems.

I don't get any log messages whatsoever, and I haven't experienced any
system lockups, but the scanner just sits there with its light on and
the scan head about halfway down the deck until I power cycle it (resetting
the computer does not reset the scanner).

Is there a configuration option for the aic7xxx driver that we can turn
on to enable debugging information, or any specific tests that we could
run to see what's going on?

-Jon Burchmore

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