Re: Addition of driver in Linux

Riccardo Facchetti (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 00:43:16 +0100 (MET)

> Dear sir,
> > We are a company based in The Netherlands and engaged in design and
> > development of SCSI Controller cards. We have designed a PCI SCSI >
> controller card and developed Linux driver for this card. We wish to >
> have this driver added in the Linux distribution set. Can you tell us
> > what are the requirements for this and what is the procedure.
> >
> > An early reply will be greatly appreciated.


first of all, if you want your driver included into the main stream kernel
source, you have to publish it (the sources) under the GNU GPL licence:
this is IMHO the major requirement you have to accomplish to see your
driver included into the official kernel tree (_no_ binary releases).
A second requirement it is that the driver should be published into the
linux-kernel mailing-list to let the people see it and try it. This is
important since the inclusion into the kernel is decided at the very last
by Linus but before the code reach Linus for inclusion it is better if
people can say "It works for me" and SCSI layer mantainers can say "Yes
it seems to be a good driver".
At the very last, since this driver is coming when linux-2.2 is at our
front door, I think the likelihood of seeing the driver included in
linux-2.1 is a bit low. Post the sources to the linux-kernel now and may
be Linus will accept it for 2.2 but don't be upset if he say that it will
be included in the next 2.3 development version (may be it can be
included in a later time into one of the following service releases of

In my personal opinion, having producers write the drivers for their
hardware is a very GoodThing(tm). They will mantain them and they can
write the drivers without need of begging for programming informations for
the hardware. Another side effect is that people tend to reward these
producers buying their hardware.

So post the driver and tell us what hardware you are producing ... hehe
... I'm courios :)


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