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Wed, 2 Dec 1998 01:05:32 +0100

Quoting Kurt Garloff (

> You compiled ide-disk as a module which is a very bad idea, if your root fs
> is on a ide-disk. How should the kernel load a module, without being able to
> mount the root fs?

Something similar happened to me some weeks ago. I just forgot to
change the setting to be non-modular, and it didn't boot. Wouldn't it be possible
to have a "Default device to boot from" entry in {,menu,x}config to
enter a value and have the config stuff check for the appropriate
drivers to be compiled into the kernel?

SMP would also be such an issue, as is the default vga mode. Why are they
to be specified only in the Makefile?

IMHO nobody should *ever* (well, except for persons actually *changing*
something in the kernel tree) be forced to change the kernel Makefile(s).
[which includes arch/*/Makefile.]


Trust no-one.

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