Re: autofs/smbfs - delayed mounting?

Michael H. Warfield (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 20:17:20 -0500 (EST)

Nicholas J. Leon enscribed thusly:
> # > > > This looks like a samba/smbfs problem, I'll report it to/fix it for them,
> # > > > unless you or someone else already has. Thanks for pointing me in the
> # > > > right direction.

> # The patch attached below should fix this... I'll get the fix
> # commited into CVS today. Let me know if this takes care of the problem.

> I now getting the smbmount process stuck when running this patch:

> 757 ? S 0:00 automount /auto file /etc/autofs.conf
> 758 ? Z 0:00 (mount <zombie>)
> 769 ? S 0:00 smbmount \\tao\c -c mount /auto/tao -u 0 -g 0

Something fishy here... Process 758 has gone zombie... I'm really
curious what the parent processes to 769 and 758 were... I'm also curious
to see what your automount map looked like.

I see that there is no password (it would have appeared as an XXXXX
in the ps display). Is there a password on the share? If you run the
smbmount program (the binary - not any front end scripts such as mine)
manually, do you get prompted for a password?

Since you are using autofs, are you using my shell script
<> or another script for
translating between the old syntax for the smbfs version of automount
to the newer syntax for the samba version of automount. My script has
a known problem with prompting for passwords when they are not specified
on the command line (the prompt for the password doesn't display - can't
fix it until I figure out why I can't pipe smbmount to syslog...).

I also see that the -N option (no password) is NOT present. That
makes me even more suspicious that smbmount is attempting to prompt for
a password and you are hung there waiting...

> root(7)@neko [105 /usr2/root] # strace -p 769
> pause(....

> (also 2.1.130, autofs 3.1.3 -- I think)

> G'day!

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