Diamond Fire GL1000 Pro (Permedia II) graphic card and vesafb

Alex Buell (alex.buell@tahallah.demon.co.uk)
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 22:45:40 -0500 (EST)

Has anyone had any successful experiences using the Diamond Fire GL1000
Pro (Permedia II) graphic card with vesafb? If so, please mail me
privately and pass me your experiences. Someone has been trying to use
this particular card with this card and read my HOWTO-framebuffer for
help. I am at a loss as to help him unfortunately. This card claims to be
VESA 2.0 compliant, which is quite odd!

He has been trying all sort of values (i.e 301, 301 so on) but they don't
seem to work (he worked with the list of modes from the HOWTO) - LILO
reports invalid mode.


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