details while changing from 2.0.x to 2.1.x

Stefan Monnier (monnier+lists/linux/kernel/news/
01 Dec 1998 22:09:07 -0500

Notes on compilation of 2.1.130 (vanilla) using `gmake xconfig'.

- after compiling, the `gmake modules_install' complained because of
the following: NET_MISC_MODULES contained `packet.o' and `ipv4.o'
which were not in the modules/ directory. The problem with `packet.o'
is that the entry is added by net/Makefile as well as by net/packet/Makefile
except that the latter uses `af_packet.o' (but this (correct) entry is
removed a little later by the net/Makefile). Now I don't know if
net/Makefile should be fixed or if the module name should be changed
from `af_packet.o' to `packet.o'.
The problem with ipv4.o is that net/Makefile always adds it to the
list of modules but it somehow doesn't always get added in the modules/
directory. The xconfig doesn't seem to allow ipv4 as a module, so I'm
not sure if the ipv4.o file in net/ipv4 is supposed to be a module or not
(I guess not, but then why does net/Makefile have such a sepcial treatment
of ipv4.o ?)

- IP aliasing doesn't seem to be available as a module any longer.
That's too bad: I rarely use IP aliasing, but it comes in *really* handy
every once in a while, so a loadable module is just the right thing.

- the doc is unclear as to whether unix98 ptys support is additional to
BSD-ptys or is a replacement (i.e. on the one hand it doesn't seem to say
that this support will break BSD ptys, on the other it says "only say Y if
you have glibc-2.1"). I haven't tried out yet, so I still don't know the

- same thing about the kernel nfs server: I guess that compiling it as
a module will still allow me to use unfsd if I want, but the doc is

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