Re: NFS in 2.1.130??

David Luyer (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 14:58:19 +0800

Chip Salzenberg wrote:
> According to Alan Cox:
> > procmail style dot locking works over NFS.
> So does Deliver, if it's compiled with -DHAS_NFS. Unfortunately, the
> Debian distribution of Deliver isn't. So I recommend that Debian users
> of Deliver compile it on their own.

Especially as the default 'deliver' does flock() locking, the default 'qpopper'
does fcntl() locking (flock() but with a flock.c which really does fcntl())
and the net result is large amounts of mail bounces which sendmail doesn't
handle well and bounces a whole mass of messages when it sees the first
error. So yes, Debian users should compile their own deliver and/or qpopper
and/or other mail programs. This is one area Debian is currently lacking -
there's no "Debian mail locking standard" evident.

Debian's 'deliver' also doesn't send comsat ("biff") messages. I have a patch
if anyone's interested and able to get it into 'deliver', since all addresses
in the source code end up in mail bounces.

[sudden awakening]

Oh, and the person I could never contact re: deliver since the e-mail addresses
in the source code all bounce...

Chip Salzenberg

...hello, there :-) I'll send you the patch to send messages to comsat if
you'd be interested, it's a change to mbox.c in deliver-2.1.13.


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