Re: autofs/smbfs - delayed mounting?

H. Peter Anvin (
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 21:23:33 -0800 (PST)

> HOWEVER! Automount calls smbmount with the parameters and syntax
> appropriate for the smbmount from the smbfs package. That smbmount program
> no longer works with the smbfs in the 2.1.x kernels (x > 70). The smbmount
> program from the samba package uses a different syntax. The story and
> reason for that is long and Volker and I may put it together into an FAQ
> one day. I hope to get a compatibility mode into the Samba smbmount
> eventually that will work with autofs. Until that time arrives, I have
> a shell script which replaces smbmount and calls either smbmount.smbfs or
> smbmount.samba, depending on the booted Linux version, with appropriate
> parameter translations. That script can be had off of my web server at
> <>

Can someone please let me know (a) what the differences are, (b) how I
tell which smbmount I have, and (c) who I can get rustled up to get a
real /sbin/mount.smbfs into the Samba package so I won't need these
kluges anymore?


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