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2 Dec 1998 06:44:04 GMT

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> >>
> >What for? Just assume that the program in question is NOT linked statically.
> >(If it is, it deserves to lose. Seriously.)
> In an environment where the libraries stick to a given published interface,
> yeah, I can see that. Linux isn't one of those environments.
> ____
> david parsons \bi/ lemme tell you about McAfee's WebShield blowing up on
> \/ 8-bit ascii web pages because someone decided to
> `upgrade' the distribution from libc 5.0.9 to
> 5.3.something. Feh. Mega-feh.

Ahem... there is no such thing as 8-bit ASCII.

Either way, we're only talking about providing *enhanced features*.
The old libraries will continue to work, but you will not be able to
use UIDs >= 65535.


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