Off-Topic: no more need for a harddisk -- thanks to everyone!

Ulrich Windl (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 08:52:57 +0100


excuse me saying this: I don't need a harddisk any longer, because
there's a 4GB EIDE IBM disk ready to pe picked up. That disk will
replace my 420MB Conner IDE disk that did its job during the last 5

The reason why I was tight with disk space was not that I couldn't
afford one. The real reason was that my desktop was full (1 SCSI
disk, 1 IDE disk, 1 floppy, 1 DDS streamer, 1 CD-ROM, AHA2940,
SBAWE32 (that's a board!), and I did not want to dump my good old
Conner. (As a side-note: My conner with 420MB was more expensive that
the 4GB IBM, and the 40MB Conner I had before was even more

The good old Conner will go back where it came from: To my good old
Acer 1100SX (i386/SX, 16MHz + 387SX(!)). These old Conner disks just
look so beautiful with their black finish and the golden label....

Stay tuned,

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