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Wed, 2 Dec 1998 02:16:11 -0800

Reply to mail from Simon Kenyon about Problems with to large of a kernel
> i think timm's original question was why is the kernel shipped with a set of
> options whih will not build as described in the readme?
> i'm pretty sure he knew how to go make bzImage
> his question was as this is the only way to make the released kernel build -
> why
> is it not given as the default way to build it
> perhaps the readme should change

to quote directly from the /usr/src/linux/README file:

- Do a "make zImage" to create a compressed kernel image. If you want
to make a boot disk (without root filesystem or LILO), insert a floppy
in your A: drive, and do a "make zdisk". It is also possible to do
"make zlilo" if you have lilo installed to suit the kernel makefiles,
but you may want to check your particular lilo setup first.

- If your kernel is too large for "make zImage", use "make bzImage"

while it is not implicitly stated, i can make the leap of faith from zdisk to

the default make rule is 'make all' and that is vmlinux. make zImage,
bzImage, and other forms are not default. they are however documented in
the README file of which i just quoted. none of these different images
are the "only" way to build it.


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