[Offtopic-ish] Good OOM test, run Netscape!

Damon Buckwalter (damon@meta-x.net)
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 03:04:37 -0800

I was running some upgrade stuff (dpkg) on my Debian Linux system today,
and noticed that a malloc() failed, wich seems amazing on a 128M+64Mswap
system, so I opened up a copy of top to find the offender... top
reported that my copy of Netscape (which had been open for about 4 days
straight with pretty constant use) had a
-->>SIZE of 145M and an RSS of 81M!!

I had wondered why X was occasionally jittery for the past 4 hours or
so. :^)
I thought that maybe the 2.1.130 boogie-man had finally got me (I've
noticed no problems so far on my PII UP IDE/SCSI IPMasq etc. host).

Restart NS and all is well. Solid as a rock. :)

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