Re: NTP dumps Linux, film at 11. [Fwd/FYI]

Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH (
Wed, 02 Dec 1998 06:53:44 -0500

In message <199812020324.WAA29380@dcl.MIT.EDU>, "Theodore Y. Ts'o" writes:
| It was very noticeable. I upgraded the entire cluster (14 machines)
| in HH1202 one afternoon; half the machines started gaining time like
| mad, the other half lost time like mad. All machines identical,
| Have you seen systems lose time coherency without running Linux-AFS?

I'm not crazy enough to try to use AFS regularly over a modem, so my home
system doesn't run it. Same time drift.

| you seem to have observed it being tied to RH5, which seems hard to
| believe, unless there's some certain RedHat package which you're
| installing which is mucking with the time somehow.

If so, it's part of a standard utility: while the CMU machines get full
installs, I don't have that much disk space at home so I did a fairly
minimal install and then manually installed enough packages to do

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