Re: suspendd-v0.1.0 released

Richard Gooch (
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 23:22:46 +1100

Pavel Machek writes:
> Hi!
> > Hi, all. I've just thrown together a simple daemon which allows you
> > to configure actions to be taken upon APM suspend or resume events.
> Ouch, should not this functionality be merged into apmd?

I've had a look at the beta version of apmd, and I still don't like
it, because:

- only supports one command to run at suspend time

- doesn't distinguish between user and system suspends

- doesn't provide a way to disable policy (the
sync();sleep(0);sync();sleep(1); sequence)

- does not document extra features.

And I'm not sure that what we want is a single super daemon. A
collection of smaller daemons might be better, since it allows people
to pick and choose. A super daemon is bloat for those who only want
one small feature.



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